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Quality Policy of National Medicine Regulatory Authority (NMRA)

The Quality Policy set by the NMRA expresses a commitment to implement a system of quality management based on continuous improvement. It is also disclosed, known and understood by all staff.

Quality Policy

NMRA is committed to protect the health of people of Sri Lanka and fulfill their duties with professional and scientific rigor, while ensuring safety, efficacy and quality and cost effective medicine, medical devices, borderline products, cosmetics and laboratory activities according to the Drugs Acts, Rules, Ordinances, Regulations and the amendments made there under.

NMRA shall work through effective, transparent and timely manner, ensuring implementation of Quality Management system which is continuously improved.
To meet our commitment, we must:

• Foster a team approach.
• Emphasize appropriate training for all employees.
• Recognize each employee's responsibility for quality.
• Provide regulations with timely written corrective actions.
• Earn recognition of our quality process and progress.
• Provide a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.
• Develop and achieve Quality Improvement Goals.
• Review and renew this Quality Policy on a regular basis.


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