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“Borderline products” are products having combined characteristics of medicines along with foods, medical devices or cosmetics.
The following criteria shall be taken into consideration when evaluating borderline products for registration:

According to the National Medicines Regulatory Authority Act No. 05 of 2015 the National Medicines Regulatory Authority shall be responsible for the regulation and control of registration, licensing, manufacture, importation and all other aspects pertaining to borderline products; The Borderline Products Evaluation Committee (BPEC) will carry out the technical evaluation of products submitted for registration and assist the Authority to regulate and control all aspects pertaining to borderline products.

Scope and Responsibilities of the NMRA in the approval of borderline products

The National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) is responsible to build a healthier nation by ensuring the availability of quality and safe borderline products in Sri Lanka. As such all products which may come under Borderline Product category should be registered with the Authority.

All foreign borderline products manufactures should submit application for registration through a Marketing Authorization Holder (local agent) in Sri Lanka who shall be responsible for the registration, licensing, importation, sale and distribution, handing of quality failures and all aspects pertaining to the particular medical device in Sri Lanka.

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