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Special activities planned for 2012

  1. Updating the Drug index.
  2. Updating the Essential Medicines List (EML).
  3. To have a Pilot study for the website for CDDA.
  4. Continuous educational programmes to the relevant groups (public, pharmacists and pharmacy owners)
  5. Awareness programmes for the General public and professionals regarding the prevention of Anti Microbial Resistance.
  6. Recruiting new staff.
  7. Purchasing necessary equipments.
  8. Establishing a network for pharmacovigillance between hospital and CDDA.
  9. Conducting needs- based training programmes for the staff.
  10. Establishing an improved management system established.
  11. Development of IPR policy.
  12. Development of regulations for borderline substances.
  13. Development of Guidelines.
  14. Training programmes for staff members competent on carrying out GMP inspections.
  15. Development of the Data base for the licencing and registration of Cosmetics, Devices & Drugs.
  16. Development of a Drug Information Center.
  17. Implementation of the “net work system” with MSD, SPC and NDQAL to strengthen the management information system.