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National Medicines Quality Assurance Laboratory (NMQAL) provides the technical support needed to operate the quality assurance system on Medicines, Medical Devices, Borderline products and Cosmetics. The primary function of the NMQAL is to conduct laboratory tests necessary for determining compliance with product quality, safety and efficacy requirements.

The functions of the NMQAL are as follows:

  • Analysis of locally manufactured and imported Medicines, Medical Devices, Borderline products and Cosmetics at different points in the distribution chain. (Premarketing and Post marketing stages) Samples for analyses are submitted as registration samples, complaints samples, tender samples and surveillance samples collected from government and private institutions.
  • Function as an additional approved analyst when the circumstances so require.
  • Participate in GMP inspections
  • Participate in external quality assurance assessment scheme (proficiency testing)
  • Conduct training programs on quality assurance system
  • To coordinate with laboratories local or overseas when their services are deemed necessary as decided by the NMRA.

The Main divisions of NMQAL comprise of Chemical, Microbiological, Biological, Reference Standard & Calibration and Devices. NMQAL follows the test procedures in standard pharmacopoeias and other accepted (validated) test procedures in the assessment of quality safely and efficacy.

National Medicines Regulatory Authority has recognized some external laboratories in Sri Lanka to provide testing facilitation for selected products at pre marketing stage.

1. Industrial Technology Institute

PO box 787, 363, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07

2. Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (Pvt) Ltd

No.570, Galle Road, Katubedda

3. Sri Lanka Standard Institue

No.17, Victoria Place, Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 08

 4.Bamber & Bruce(Pvt)Ltd

 No:989/1,Gnanartha Pradeepaya Road,Colombo 08

 List of products which provide testing facilities

1.    Skin cream & Lotions
2.    Baby cream & Lotions
3.    Shaving cream
4.    Baby shampoo
5.    Hair shampoo
6.    Hair conditioner
7.    Hair cream
8.    Skin powder
9.    Baby powder
10.  Toothpaste
11.   Shower gel
12.   Hair oil
13.   Baby oil
14.   Colognes, Perfumes, Aftershaves, Baby colognes
15.   After shaving lotion
16.   Toilette soap
17.   Bathing bar
18.   Baby soap
19.   Liquid toilette soap
20.   Laundry soap
21.   Soft soap
22.   Hand sanitizers
23.   Face wash, Hand wash, Toner, Lip balm, Lip/eye liner, Lipstick, Nail polish
24.   Cleanser, Face pack, Face scrub, Foundation cream
25.   Liquid gel & cream oxidative hair colors & Developer
26.   Hair color powder
27.   Ethanol
28.   IPA
29.   Castor oil, Coconut oil & other vegetable oil
30.   Beclomethasone dipropionate, Salbutamol sulphate
31.   Pharmaceuticals finished products (FT-IR, Identification)
32.   Stearic acid
33.   Pharmaceuticals- Herbal preparations (syrups, liquids, arista, oil)
34.   Cotton wool
35.   WOW bandage
36.   Cotton crepe bandage
37.   POP bandage
38.   Sanitary towels
39.   Sanitary napkins
40.   ZnO adhesive plaster
41.   Elastic adhesive bandage
42.   Gauze
43.   Cellulose wadding
44.   Surgical gloves & Examination gloves
45.   Sterile rubber surgical gloves
46.   Rubber latex condoms
47.   Synthetic condoms
48.   Face mask/ N95 Medical mask/ Surgical face mask
49.   Syringes/ Catheters
50.   Gloves
51.   Disinfectants
52.   Baby diapers
53.   Drugs & Pharmaceuticals

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Mrs. D.D Bulathsinhala

Acting Director/NMQAL of National Medicines Quality Assuarance Laboratory


Ms. Praba Kuruppu

Division Head

IMG Sandamali

Ms. Sandamali Senanayake

Mr.K.T.P.Ranudeva Mr. K. T. P. Ranadeva
H.A.S.Shanika Ms. H. A. S. Shanika


Ms. J. P. B. H. Mihirangi
Mrs.Gawrie-Kathriarachchi----Head Mrs. Gawrie Kathriarachchi
Division Head
Ishika-Edussoriya- Ms. Ishika Edirisoriya
Disna-Mahawithana Ms. Disna Mahawithana
Seuwandi-Kahandawa Ms. Seuwandi Kahandawa
Irasha-Pathirana Ms. Irasha Pathirana
Gihan-Ransara Mr. Gihan Ransara

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Ms. D.D Bulathsinhala                                                                                                                                                                 Division Head                           


Ms. J.W.K.U Siriwardhane

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Ms. K.G David

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Ms. P.V.Y Rodrigo


Ms. I.S Weerasingha

Ms. K. G. I. G. Thilakarathna

(Chief Pharmacist/NMQAL)

K.G.T.A.Kottegama Mr. K. G. T. A. Kottegama
H.A.P.Gunawardhana Ms. H. A. P. Gunawardhana
120, Norris Canal Road, Colombo 10